Kelly McVicar Gordon here.

What will I share on these pages? This is a space to hang out with me as I build a writing life through exploration and hard work.

My life took a turn when my husband of twenty years began to slow walk to ultimately transitioning to life as a woman. We had two adolescent sons. We both lived in denial for a while. But, the life she needed to live couldn’t wait. It wasn’t easy for any of us. We didn’t make it as a couple. I wasn’t ready to grow in the way that she needed. Love wasn’t enough.

She left this earth a few years ago. Suddenly. Early in the morning. A normal morning. She was happy. She made the life she needed. Then she was gone.

I am writing our story. On the way to writing this story, I am learning a lot about life and craft. I will post some of what I find here. Maybe it will help the person struggling with grief or writing. Or struggling with grief about writing.

As writers, we read, we write, we plan and we dream every day. Every day!

But, on these pages, I will catch up with you once or twice a week. That way we can keep things fresh between us. Simple. Clean. Clear.

The best sounds are in the silence of the space on the paper (or the screen). Someone I respect very much used words to that affect and I believe that she is right.

Blessings. Kelly


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